Following lengthy consultations and analysis, the decision by VMRO-DPMNE to move elections from April 24 to June 5, was not designed to satisfy the SDSM, just so we are not misunderstood by our fellow countrymen, and those who did want to see Macedonia move forward”,  said the Chairman of the ruling party, Nikola Gruevski at a press conference tonight.

Gruevski said after intensive meetings with representatives of the European Union and the USA that they were certain of four things.

“We believe that this is the only prolonging of delays to elections and there will be no new delay in any form. Secondly, that until elections on June 5 there will be no more negotiations because they believe that the SEC will have sufficient time in which to cleanse the Voter’s List. Thirdly, there will be no new conditions, including media laws. Fourthly, we received assurances that there will not be any further assessments from the USA and the EU on if the country is ready for elections.” said Gruevski.

He added that recently he received firm confirmation from the DUI party that they stand firmly behind the decision to hold elections on June 5- with or without the SDSM.

“The state can no longer be held hostage by one political party, in this case, the SDSM. With this postponement we are giving the SDSM a final chance to take part in elections and look the people in the eye, the people who the SDSM imposed this political crisis on. Only by participating in the elections will they get the legitimacy and confidence of the citizens, there is no other way. Until June 5, you can talk, and act, even as winners, but on June 5 you will be ashamed of yourselves”, said Gruevski.

According to Gruevski, the answer to the question who is the stronger and who is the weaker will be answered on June 5, when he announced  “referendum vote” and went on to urge the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev to go to the polls and face the people.