Фото: Jefferson Santos на Unsplash

After the old official email addresses and passwords of the ministries of Economy and Finance by Greek hackers, the Government informs that it’s a list of several addresses and passwords of a former system for official email addresses of these ministries.

“Part of these email addresses have been inactive for many years since their users don’t work anymore at these ministries, and the passwords of all published email addresses are either old or have been changed before more than 7 years ago. They cannot be accessed through the published passwords” says the Government.

The Government says that both ministries have had their systems for official email service renewed and certain protocols were established with complex passwords for official email addresses including other protocols for cyber security that decrease the risk and the probability for the system to be compromised.

The Government stress that in this moment it has no evidence that the systems for electronic mail of these ministries were hacked recently and are investigating all details concerning this case.

The Government’s reaction followed since a list with emails and passwords of employees at the Macedonian ministries of Finance and Economy were published on Twitter by anonymous Twitter profile named as Powerful Greek Army.

The Government explained that it constantly works on improving and strengthening the IT systems in the institutions and has prepared the first National strategy and action plan for cyber security.