There is growing concern and fear in Greece following unilateral announcements from countries in the European Union, that, if necessary, in the coming weeks Macedonia may have to close its southern border to prevent the flow of migrants travelling the Balkan route. Greek authorities, however, approve favorably the Macedonian policy on the issue of border closures. which, according to current opinion of the highest in the national leadership, are against the idea of border closure, Greek diplomats have been briefed in Skopje. Greek authorities are sympathetic and accept the position stated by President Gjorge Ivanov at yesterday’s summit of the Visegrad Group in Prague. He stated that Macedonia wants and expects the decision of the European Council where Greece and Macedonia have shared responsibilities, that it is not in Macedonia’s interest for the burden to fall on Greece alone, “we will not allow unilateral decisions that would harm the countries interests”.

“In Prague, Ivanov gave a balanced and realistic view on the issue”, diplomatic sources reported, adding that, this common position on the migrant crisis is also reflected in closer cooperation at a political level between the two countries.