Number of clients from Greece in casinos in Gevgelija is falling from 2011 onwards, but it is more emphasized in the recent period.

– Greeks are permanently in crisis, but from 2011 onwards, their number in the casinos is increasingly falling. It is more emphasized now because of the economic uncertainty and the closure of banks. The trend of declining visit continues – Aleksandar Aleksov from casino “Apollonia” stated for META.

He explains that not only in casinos, but that fewer guests reflected on the turnover of other economic entities as well.

Greeks can be met less and less on the green market in Bitola and clothing and shoes stores.

Fearing that they cannot bring vegetables, fruits and food from Macedonia across the border, Bitola shopkeepers say sales have fallen by half. According to them, the Greek crisis also affects our economy in the border region.

– We made our profit from Greece, but they are gone now, they do not spend even a euro. If they pass on the market, I ask them to take beans and rice, but they don’t buy, they say they confiscate their food on the border. Therefore I say that their crisis is our crisis as well – says a saleswoman from the green market in Bitola.