Citizens who gathered in Skopje at today’s protest demand resignations and final freedom of the Macedonian people.

– We are coming from Kumanovo, from the place where they created war to satisfy their sick minds. We demand for them to go, but to leave everything behind in order to offset the damage to citizens. We demand their resignation because they are stealing, manipulating and terrorizing people. We expect a better future for us and for our children – says Svetlana Nikolik.

 nikolc svetlana

– We want this criminal gang to leave because it ravaged the people, it ravaged the country. I hope that someone better would come, someone who can fix this country. Our children should no longer leave, they should look for their future in their own country – stated Izeir Kamperi from the Skopje region for us.

 izeir kamperi

– We came here to make the regime realize that we no longer want it to be in power. We are here to say that the future of young people in Macedonia is destroyed. We came here because we expect them to leave. After nine years of destruction, finally, we hope that they’ll have the virtue to leave in order for this crime to end – says Marijana Rogozharoska from Shtip.

 Marija rogozarovska