To a call of the informal movement “I protest,” hundreds of citizens came out to the solidarity march which began in front of the Government, through Bit-pazar and ended at the Immigrant Reception Center in Gazi Baba, where hundreds of immigrants are accommodated, reports ”Radio MOF”.

Activists read basic human rights in Arabic and Macedonian language in front of the fence of the Center.

– We know that you’re sleeping on the floor, that you do not have warm water. We know the injustices you face. Whoever of you comes out has the right to sue the country in Strasbourg. We are a nation and a country that previously had refugees, such as Aegean Macedonians and Kosovars. We live with this feeling and we came here to tell these people that we understand their language and pain. We are not asking anything special from the authorities, only to amend the laws – said analyst Ramadan Ramadani.

From the Center, one of the detained immigrants, who pointed out that inside there are teachers, students and people who need medical help, asked for assistance on behalf of all in English.

– We are witnesses of this dirty place. We have no problem with the Macedonian people, we only want to pass through. They say it is illegal. We passed Turkey as well, but no one said anything. We are here because our nation is at war and on fire. We are in a very bad situation, we need support, someone to hear us. We are dying. We are here because the law does not support us, but criminals. You are the only ones that can help us. Pull us out of here – urged immigrants.