Фото: Бојан Блажевски

The Ministry of Economy of North Macedonia issued a call for applications for financial aid to low-income households for their electricity bills. The total amount of the aid is MKD60 million (€ 974.000) from the state budget, with the aim to protect the vulnerable consumers.

More than 7,500 low-income households will receive monthly state support in the amount of MKD 600 to 800 during a period of 12 months to help them cover their electricity bills.

The condition that has to be fulfilled is the level of the regular monthly income, is the singles should have a net income of up to MKD15,194 (€245), households with two members of up to MKD18,000 (€292), households with three members with an income of up to MKD21,000 (€340), households with four members with an income of up to MKD 25.000 (€405) and households with five or more members with a net income of up to MKD30,000 (€487).

The singles and households with the lowest income will have priority in the selection process.