Фото: Бојан Блажевски

Instead of the initial fee of MKD 61 (€1, roughly) per square meter valid up to now, the privatization of the state-owned land for commercial constructions will be paid MKD 13,140  per square meter if it is implemented in terms of acquired ownership rights and is carried out through the Directorate for Property and Legal Affairs Administration, the government of North Macedonia ruled on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance informs that the Regulation on the privatization of state-owned land, which is increasing the price of the undeveloped building land 30-fold for collective housing construction and commercial business facility, while for production facilities it is increased 20-fold.

Therefore, the reimbursement for an undeveloped building land for collective housing and commercial business facility in the municipalities in Skopje will be MKD 13,140 per square meter, for business facilities it will be MKD 8,760 per square meter, while the amount for sport and recreation facilities will be MKD 4,380 per square meter.

However, the ministry clarified that the reimbursement for the privatization of the state-owned land which is planned for individual housing or collective housing that has already been built, remains unchanged – at MKD 61 per square meter.