At the government’s 134th session,they expressed a negative opinion on an annual report for Macedonian Radio Television 2018, after Parliament requested it.

The move follows the negative opinion from the Ministry for Information Society and Administration prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. The main problem in the negative assessment are losses at Macedonian Radio Television in 2018, which amounts to 26 million denars.

Additionally, the Government came to the opinion that PE Macedonian Radio Television did not meet professional and ethical journalistic standards for securing editorial independence, impartiality and objectivity in their reporting, arising from Article 111 of the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services and the recommendations from EU reports on reforms to achieve full independence of the public broadcasting service.

Furthermore, besides the Government’s decision, the State Auditor issued a Final Report on the Audit of Financial Statements and the Audit of Compliance for 2017 yesterday for the Public Radio Television “Macedonian Radio Television” – Skopje, which is extremely negative.