The Government has condemned hate speech directed at victims of the fire in Athens via social networks, said government spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski, while responding to a journalist’s question whether a certain procedure would be initiated against those people.

“We express are condolences with the victims in Greece. Hate speech is not acceptable for Macedonia as a modern state whose aspirations are membership in NATO and the EU”, answered Bosnjakovski.

At a regular press conference in the Government, he was asked if the Government would demand the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Kocho Angjushev regarding a grant from the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, to which Bosnjakovski replied that the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office had put together a case and if there were irregularities he would be held accountable according to legal regulations.

Regarding the current political processes after the leaders’ meeting, he added that they are now taking place in Parliament and that there is nothing new concerning what leaders announced after the meeting.