The government announces investments of more than one billion euros in the road infrastructure


Investments in the road infrastructure in the total ammount of 1,27 billion euros have been planned, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at press conference today, speaking about the roads that were built or rehabilitated last year, but also on the projects that are underway and the building, rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads planned for this year, in total length of 770 km. The funds are provided, Zaev stressed.

“This year will be brimming with activities on 60 kilometers of the new Kichevo – Ohrid motorway, for which the problems have been solved. The construction of  the Miladinovci – Shtip motorway is near the end and one will be able to travel to Shtip in less than 40 minutes. The Skopje-Blace motorway is being built and it will take 45 minutes to travel to Prishtina. The highway from Rankovce towards Kriva Palanka will provide safe and fast journey to Bulgaria. The new and high quality built roads are important for the safety of the citizens and for the economic growth”, Zaev said.

When asked whether these projects could be realised in case of snap parliamentary elections, Prime Minister said that these projects cannot be stopped because there is Program and planned budgets.

The Vice PM for Economic Affairs, Kocho Angjushev, stressed that the construction of roads will boost the construction industry, for which there are real expectations that it will provide a serious input in the increase of the Gross Domestic Product (DGP).

“Last year, all the sectors have acchieved growth apart, from the construction industry. Last year, 193 km were finished, worth 30 million euros. That is not much, but we didn’t waste the year, as several projects were prepared, in the ammount of 1,3 billion euro for 987 km of road infrastructure. We have projects in the amount of 1,35 billion  euro for construction of 363 km of roads that are underway. We are starting new 420 km” said Angjushev, stressing that these numbers assure hit that the construction industry will achieve good results.

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