The former head of the fifth administration in the Ministry of Interior, Goran Grujovski, who had been on the run, received a one-and-a-half year prison sentence for illegally burning thousands of documents in the “Fortress 2” case, led by the SPO. The other six defendants, employees of UBK, received conditional sentences for falsifying official documents, five of which were sentenced to probation of 9 months, and one of them was given a 2 year sentence.

Grujovski, who was remanded in custody in Thessaloniki, was tried in absentia.

Prosecutor, Lence Ristoska, from the Special Prosecutor’s Office, asked the court for the maximum sentence for Grujovski for the “Fortress 2” case, two days ago. While for the other six officers from UBK charged in the case, she proposed to the court that they determine alternative sentences, ie probation.