Global Voices condemns the hate attacks on Metamorphosis Foundation


Global Voices has called on the authorities in North Macedonia to investigate the online hate campaign against the Metamorphosis Foundation’s staff that began on the 12th of November and is still going.

“Global Voices strongly condemns these attacks on our long-standing partner. We call on North Macedonia’s authorities to investigate these activities and to enforce the appropriate legal remedies against the perpetrators, as well as provide protection to Metamorphosis staff,” said Global Voices, stressing that they are joining the media associations, the Civil Center for Freedom Civil, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in RNM, and the ambassadors from the European Union and Great Britain in Macedonia who condemned these attacks.

As Global Voices states, the attacks have exploited the volatile political situation that currently prevails in North Macedonia, falsely accusing Metamorphosis of colluding with Facebook to censor “patriotic” content from the social media platform. They also include calls for physical violence towards Metamorphosis staff, threats of sharing of their private information, and online harassment. Photos of Metamorphosis staff, including its journalists and managers, have been disseminated online in the style of obituaries or Wild West “Wanted” posters.

Metamorphosis Foundation’s longstanding partner reminds that the since the its inception 16 years ago, the Foundation has stood on the frontlines of the fight for freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and protection of digital rights in North Macedonia and the wider Balkans region.

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