The movie “The Secret Ingredient” directed by Gjorche Stavreski, will be the national candidate from Macedonia to run for the Oscar award for a Best Foreign Language Film for the year 2019, announced today Macedonia’s Film Workers’ Association.

The decision, which was accepted and approved by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was made by the following Committee: director Igor Ivanov and president of the DFRM, actress Irena Ristikj, actress Amernis Noksici, composer Goran Trajkoski, visual artist Igor Toshevski, director Darijan Pejovski, and cinematographer Naum Doksevski.

The following films were also under consideration: “Returning,” directed by Kastriot Abdili, “Year of the Monkey,” directed by Vladimir Blazevski, “The Unforgettable Spring in the Forgotten Village,” directed by Kushtrim Bekteshi and “Angel’s Breath” directed by Jani Bojadzi, said the MFWA’s press release.