For Germany, the start of the accession negotiations for Macedonia with the European Union is and will remain to be of essential issue of the security and stability in Europe.

“With its decision on the 26th of September, the German Bundestag fulfilled its responsibility. Our position never changed and it has to serve further as an impulse for thinking about the others. We also strive the accession process as a whole to be more transparent and better. But, we are also convinced that North Macedonia deserves to be offered a European perspective” states the press release issued by the Embassy of Germany in Skopje.

The Embassy stressed that our country should intensify the reforms and with it to convince everyone that might still be doubtful that its place is in the EU.

“it is of joint European interest to integrate the countries of Western Balkans into the EU. In order for this to be achieved, we have to keep to our promises and to carry out the European perspective of these countries,” said the press release.