German authorities have reported that as much as a third of those who have applied for asylum in this country, lied about being from Syria.

Since the beginning of the year hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in Germany from Africa and the Middle East in search of shelter.

Berlin stressed that now, at the current time they would give up returning Syrians to the European countries they came from, which is legitimate under the regulations of the European Union.

“Our estimates show that only 30 percent of those who have applied for asylum in Germany and claiming to be Syrian, were not”, said Tobias Platt, spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Germany.

Leaders in Germany and other EU member states in recent days have said that legitimate asylum claims will be approved, but warns that they will refuse shelter and safety to economic migrants who come to Europe after the highest German official on migration adopted a policy of an “open door”.

The fact that it has become extremely popular for migrants to destroy their documents en route to the EU has become widely accepted by the German authorities, concluded the media.