British Ambassador to Macedonia, Charles Garrett, today gave a bad review on the developments in Parliament, where for 12 days the constitutive session is being extended, with constant accusations, endless remarks and procedural remarks, the session is being delayed. What is happening here is undermining the credibility of Parliament, says Garrett.

“Parliament is the core of democracy in Macedonia. Current developments in Macedonian Parliament are counter-productive for the development of democracy. They undermine the credibility of the institution in Macedonia and abroad. Britain is a longtime supporter of Macedonia. Our partnership with Macedonia will continue. A fully functional, transparent and accountable Parliament is the core of democracy”, said the Ambassador.

He made the statement at the promotion of the first report from the monitoring of Macedonian Parliament, prepared by the civil association “Most” within the project “Included citizens for a responsible and transparent Parliament.” The report covers the work of the previous Parliament from January 1 last year until its dissolution on the 17th of October of the same year.