The success of the elections largely depends on the cleansing of the voters’ list, said British Ambassador Charles Garrett today while in Stip.

The Ambassador expects the parties to work together and ensure the implementation of fair and regular elections.

“I believe that elections are still possible on June 5, but all obligations need to be completed, the state and the electoral commission, political leaders and all relevant institutions must work together. The success of this process will be able to draw Macedonia out of this political crisis “, said Garrett.

According to the British Ambassador, reforms in the media are crucial to any democracy.

“The issue of media reforms is very popular since it is very important for the development of a country. It is not only the important debate that surrounds this issue, it is important during the elections, all the media have to work in accordance with legal regulations, principles of good journalism, objective reporting, impartial and balanced reporting during the elections”, said Garrett.