The British Embassy in Skopje through its Facebook page began a campaign named as “Macedonia 2027” through which it wants to hear from the citizens where they see the country in 10 years from now and what would they want the country to achieve.

The first opinion about the future of Macedonia was given by the British ambassador Charles Garrett who presented his predictions through his own personal diary with an entry dated “the 26th of August 2027.”
Garrett further predicts that in the year 2027, Macedonia will:

• have a woman for a Prime Minister;
• be one of the economically most perspective countries in the region;
• be a country with the most innovative economic development that will be envied by many;
• be one of the leading stability factors;
• have a completely independent judicial system;
• respect the rule of law;
• solve the name dispute with Greece by 2020;
• become a member of the European Union and NATO.

These are not scientific analysis or predictions. Still, this presents an important debate. Tell us your opinion! #Macedonia2027“, as stated in the Embassy’s announcement on Facebook.

“The extraordinary progress of the last ten years can be traced back to commitments made by the government that took office after the December 2016 elections. Those elections were conceived by political leaders as a first step out of the crisis. And the new government seized the opportunity with its visionary plan “Macedonia: A National Strategy for All Our Citizens” as was stated in Garret’s announcement from the future