Even though the State Election Commission announced the results according to the number of votes (VMRO DPMNE has won 452.709 votes or 38, 06 % and SDSM has 436.469 votes or 36, 69) no one, even the political parties do not dare to make a projection how that will precisely will be translated into a number of mandates i.e. the number of won MPs.

The question that has been bothering everyone is whether the difference in the votes, 1, 37% or 16.240 votes more for the ruling party’s coalition is reflecting proportionally with the number of mandates i.e. whether the relation of the mandates is 50 against 50 mandates or 51 against 49 or even 51 against 50 or….etc.

This is of great importance because of the outlook of a future government as it is highly likely that even with a difference of one mandate it will give a chance to the winner to assemble a government first.

The president Gjorge Ivanov, in accordance with the Constitution, is obliged in a period of 10 days, to give the mandate for the government to the party leader that has won most of the MPs.

The civil organization “Most” early this morning announced that the result is too narrow and because of that it is difficult to say how many seats each party has won and a press conference where this issue will be addressed was announced by SEC.