At yesterday’s session, VMRO-DPMNE’s executive committee (EC) has passed a decision instead of 10 MP groups, the MPs to act through a single group whose coordinator will be Nikola Micevski, informs the party.

This was proposed by Dragan Danev, who withdrew several days ago as a coordinator.

“The change of the MP group’s coordinator is not related to the current occurrences within and around the party but it’s directed towards more efficient acting on part of the MP group in the future” announced VMRO-DPMNE.

During yesterday’s meeting of the EC the resignations of Daniela Rangelova and Luka Krzalovski from their positions as President of the Women’s Union and the Chairman of the Youth Union were confirmed and a decision was made for commencing a procedure for electing new people for these vacancies. Until the election of new presidents, an acting president of WU will be Blagica Lasovska and YU shall be Jovan Jauleski.

“regarding the current political situation, it was stated that regardless of all kinds of threats, blackmail and pressures, the party will continue on the same course to protect the country’s highest state and national interests. The party’s acts that were voted at the congresses in Valandovo and Kumanovo, including the election program at which party members, activists and VMRo-DPMNE’s sympathizers and the coalition for a better Macedonia gave their support for not changing the constitution with the purpose of changing the constitutional name , and they remain a basic priority in the future” said the party’s press release.