Frangov: The water is clean, but with the new water supply system we want to remove all doubt


The Mayor of Gevgelija, Ivan Frangov, today, stated to “Meta” that the new water supply system in Gevgelija is being constructed because the city needs additional quantities of water. He claims that the water in Gevgelija is clean, but that local authorities want to remove any doubt.
“We have decided to build a new water supply system because we need additional water. Also, after allegations that the water is contaminated, we want to get rid of all doubt and suspicion, although we can confirm that the drinking water is clean”, said Frangov.

In a notice published on the Municipality’s website, its states that the new water supply system will be constructed with a loan from the World Bank and a grant from IPA- Program.

The project plans to build two new wells near the River Vardar, a new pipeline, and reservoir on Mrzenski hill.

The estimated cost of the new water supply system amounts to 105,258,839 denars, of which 70,738,500 denars are provided by the World Bank, and 260,000 euros will be provided via a grant from the EU IPA funds.

Bids from interested companies should be submitted by October 4, 2016.

The construction of a new water supply system in Gevgelija comes after many years of criticism from non-governmental organizations claiming that the drinking water in Gevgelija contains high levels of arsenic.

The civil initiative “Arsena” in July of this year published their analysis of the water samples from Gevgelija, which showed the presence of large amounts of arsenic, and the chemical element, vanadium.

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