SDSM’s President, Zoran Zaev said that it id very important for the Law on Public Prosecution to be adopted at the Parliament and on contrary the Parliament will not dissolve.

“For me, it is very important for the law to pass at the Parliament which means that when there is a vote, it may be adopted or not, as there is no other option. If the opposition tries to undermine this i.e. to block its adoption in any way possible then the Parliament won’t dissolve until the process of passing the Law on Prosecution ends including the NATO accession protocol or the Law on Defense and similar laws. Part of the agenda that we all agreed upon was that all of these processes should be adopted until the dissolving of the Parliament and the scheduling the parliamentary elections” replied Zaev when a journalist asked him a question.

Despite a meeting between political parties regarding the Law on Prosecution was scheduled for today there will not be a meeting because VMRO-DPMNE will not submit amendments and will not take part in.

Deskoska will be having single meetings with minor MP groups regarding the Law on Prosecution where the MPs will be giving their final amendments about the law.