With a peaceful march starting from the Government building and ending at Parliament, citizens protested in order to express their dissatisfaction of, as they said, the “acceptance of the Albanian platform by SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev.”

The gathering organized by the civil initiative “For a United Macedonia” or, as the organizers call it, “the Fourth Ilinden” started in front of the government where participants were shouting “Macedonia” and “Pure Macedonia.”

The organizers spoke in the name of the citizens and in front of the Parliament announced that they will not allow for the red and the yellow to be separated. The Macedonian hymn was sung including a song titled “We have one name.”

-With a symbolic gesture, we want to show everyone how Macedonia is loved. They want to separate the red and the yellow from the Macedonian flag. That’s not what we want that and we will not allow it to happen. They want to destroy and we want a united Macedonia, and therefore out symbol will be the uniting of the red and the yellow, the red and yellow line that they will not cross – said Bogdan Ilievski, of the civil initiative “For a United Macedonia” in his speech.

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