Fleckenstein: Only the weak need fairy-tales about Soros!


Today, MEP and special rapporteur on Albania, Knut Fleckenstein asked a second time for the Democratic Party (DP) to end the boycott and to stop blocking the work of Parliament.

At the press conference, Fleckenstein said that the elections are important for the start of negotiations with the EU and that the DP should stop with the “Soros-ian fairy-tales”.

Fleckenstein said that while he has great respect for Sali Berisha (former DP leader, Prime Minister and President), he asked him to stop talking about Soros-ian fairytales, because he heard the same stories being spread in Macedonia. He added that in his experience, he has learned that only the weak need such fairy tales and that to his knowledge, Berisha is not weak.

He stated that the position of institutions in the EU, is that the boycott of parliament is not the right thing to do, especially considering that the electorate voted for them to represent their interests.

Earlier, Berisha stated that Soros had corrupted several institutions in Albania. Responding to Fleckenstein’s comments, he said that his comments related to Soros were not unfounded and that he had denounced Soros in Albania based on documents published a long time ago.

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