Despite the current situation with the COVID-19 in North Macedonia and the problems that arose with the expropriation of the land several months ago, the Public Enterprise for State Roads of North Macedonia expect the contractor to meet the deadline for finishing the construction works of the first two kilometers of the Skopje-Blace motorway, said PE for State Roads for

During the signing of the Agreement for the construction of the first phase of the Skopje-Blace motorway a year ago today, the promise made was that the two kilometers from the border crossing Blace to the village of Blace will be finished by the forthcoming summer.

“At the moment, the construction works are underway, the materials are dug out, in accordance with the project. What will follow is digging out dirt, including dislocations of the current infrastructure,” informs PE for State Roads about the current activities at the construction site.

In the meantime, the expropriation of the land where the first 2 km of the Skopje-Blace motorway will be passing through, was finished and the main obstacle for the contractor was removed. Otherwise, the net sum for the construction of the first two kilometers of this highway is 12.2 million EUR.

The Skopje-Blace motorway will have a width of around 27 meters, with two lanes of 3.5 meters and one lane for stops in each direction.