The first test on the railway line from Bitola to Kremenica on the Macedonian-Greek border was successful. The passenger train from RSM Railways-Transport, today went for a test drive along a 17 kilometer track. The railway teams tested the signalling along the entire route, including the operation of the traffic lights at the entrance and exit of railway stations and ramps at railway crossings. Out in the field, problems and possible obstacles on the railway line were confronted directly.

The necessary testing of the railway line indicates that the railway line from Bitola to Kremenica has already been fully built. The tests along the tracks is the last preparation before the official launch of the second rail link between North Macedonia and Greece. The construction project saw 17.2 million euros invested, 6 million euros were from a grant from the European Union while 11 million were provided from the state budget.

The construction of the railway from Bitola to Kremenica is the first kind of project that has been realized for development of the railway infrastructure since the independence of our country. The railway connection with neighboring Greece will provide cheaper and faster freight transport for companies from the Pelagonia region and will offer an alternative route in case of future closures at the Bogorodica / Evzoni border crossing. RSM Railways-Transport have already stated that they are in talks with the Greek railways TrainOSE for the introduction of passenger trains between Bitola and Florina.