The Government has announced that at its 117th session the Albanian ministers for the first time spoke Albanian, in accordance with provisions of the Law on the Use of Languages. This law was published in the “Official Gazette” even though it did not receive the President Gjorge Ivanov’s signature.

Government changes to the abortion law were accepted, while previous restrictions were abolished, and a procedure was initiated to solve the problem with the Mother Teresa monument that was not built.

“The President of the Government, Zoran Zaev pointed out that the implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages during government sessions, apart from being legally correct, is also an example of the use of languages in our communities. Nothwithstanding this is regulated by the law, it is also a civil right and confirms that our country ensures the rights of all communities in a practical manner and a declarative one”, reads the government statement.

Additionally, the Cabinet obliged the Ministry of Culture to start proceedings for the conversion of the Mother Theresa monument in accordance with the foreseen possible purposes of the urban planning documentation for the envisaged piece of land and to announce a public competition for a preliminary design for the conversion of the building.