A 50 year old woman from Skopje s the first registered case of a patient infected with a corona virus in Macedonia, confirmed the Health Minister Venko Filipche. He assured that there is no room for panic among the population. The woman stayed in Italy for a month.

-The patient is quarantined at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje and is treated accordingly. The analyses have shown that she stayed in Italy for a month and that she was sick for two weeks and was treated at an Italian hospital. She wasn’t tested for the corona virus. As soon as she arrived in the country she sought treatment at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases. The incubation has long past gone and during the transportation the woman didn’t pose any danger to others. We are acting in accordance to all protocols, all of the passengers are tested and will be put in a 14 day isolation – informed the minister.

He recommended that the citizens should act according to the measures that were provided.

The epidemiologist Zarko Karadzoski appealed to the nation to remain calm because we weren’t surprised by anything.

Епидемиологот Жарко Караџоски апелира населението да биде спокојно, бидејќи, како што вели „ништо не нè изненадило.

The Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski informed that all measures for further treatment were implemented.

-All state services are ready to react to these conditions. There is no reason for panicking because the control has been established. It is good that we have established a system for early detection. All procedures will be done on basis of all protocols. – said Spasovski.

Health Minister Filipche informs that all of the institutions are completely equipped especially the Clinic for Infectious Diseases. They have all of the necessary equipment and necessary medications.