In December, environmental inspectors from the City of Skopje carried out eight unannounced inspections in industrial buildings that are under the city’s authority, after emissions of harmful gases in four of them were confirmed, say the city inspectorate regarding the activities of inspections related to the handling of air pollution.

Polluters, whose names will not be published by the City Inspectorate until the administrative procedure is completed, will be sanctioned in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection and the Law on Ambient Air Quality, where fines range from €8,000 to 20,000.

Extraordinary measurements on pollution are carried out in cooperation with the inspectors with an accredited laboratory for the environment.

According to the head of the City Inspectorate, Miroslav Bogdanovski, all four cases have exceeded emissions of carbon monoxide.

Responding to a question from Meta, Bogdanovski announced unscheduled inspections of industrial capacities of the whole territory of Skopje and in the upcoming period, where there are already a large number of potential polluters from the industrial sector in the city.