UEFA’s Super Cup match that will take place in Skopje on 8th of August between Real Madrid and Manchester United, has heated the passions of the football fans after the media have informed that the “UEFA has released a promotional video“.

But as a matter of fact there is no such video on UEFA’s Youtube channel and its web page. The last information on the Union’s web page was published on the 17th of June and it says that Skopje will be the host of the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United, but there is no promotional video.

The video was actually published by the Football Federation of Macedonia, which even though is a member of the UEFA, still doesn’t represent the whole European Football Federation.

The promotional video is made in the same manner as the classical promotional videos made in the past decade when Macedonia was promoted as a tourist destination or the videos on Macedonia’s wines, but contrary to these videos, what dominates in this one are the “Skopje 2014” edifices.

The video also contains clips of the “Philip II” National Arena, where the match will take place, but what the viewer mostly sees are the Matka Reservoir, Skopje seen from Vodno Mountain and the monument of Philip II, the Government, the Millennial Cross, St. Spas Church, clips from the city’s center. In the second half, there is a more detailed presentation of the stadium interspersed with clips of Porta Macedonia, the Archeological Museum and the so called “dry fountain” at the Macedonia Square.