Fetai wants to be President of Macedonia while Janeva a mayor or an MP


If I am alive and well, when I’m 50 years-old, I want to be a normal head of a state, in a normal country, says the prosecutor from the Special Prosecutor’s Office, Fatime Fetai, on the “Trite” show on “A1″ TV on the life and work of the three prosecutors Katica Janeva, Lence Ristoska and Fatime Fetai.

“With this, I reached the peak of my career. By the time I’m 50, because by then I think that I will be emotionally stable enough to be, and I will be, if I’m alive and healthy, a normal head of a normal state. And I will succeed in that. My close friends think that I could do it now, but to be the father of the state, you do not just need to know the laws and know your job. I think that is what I am lacking at the age of 40, when I fulfill the requirements for being the head of state, I will have emotional stability. I’m a type of person that reacts ferociously. This is not permissible for a head of state, however it should not be like the incumbent head of state – not to open your mouth for 10 years”, Fetai says.

The chief Special Public Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, expressed political ambitions in the interview, but for a mayoral or a parliamentary function.

“First of all, I see myself as a prosecutor, I would like to continue with my profession. I have more energy for new challenges and I hope that there is still something to show from my professional qualities. I would like to try politics, maybe as Mayor of Gevgelija, or an MP. I hope that by then, some things will change in the political parties, and that there will be more professionalism. It should be, politics tied to man, not man to politics”, said Janeva.

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