SPO’s public prosecutor, Fatime Fetai in an interview for the “360 Degrees” TV Show on Alsat M, said that the “unfortunate Artice 22” from the Law on the SPO is limiting this prosecution currently from pressing new charges, but formally it doesn’t limit it to start new investigations.

She announced that it is possible that some of the started investigations when they reach a phase for pressing charges might be handed over to the regular Public Prosecution to continue.

When asked about the dilemma whether it will be legally problematic that a case by SPO to be handed over to the regular prosecution, Fetai said that “if there is a goodwill a legal solution may be found for these cases to be given to the regular prosecution.”

-We still haven’t reached that point, to have one of our investigations that has previously reached a phase where charges were filed, but in this moment whenever we have a case like that, a solution will be found for everything. If there is a goodwill, especially when it comes to accomplishing justice, a solution can be found – said Fetai.