The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MEPP) informed that it is monitoring the situation with the Prespa Lake and is acting accordingly. They stated that this ministry has been striving to initiate the process of establishing the Committee for managing the Prespa Park and is in the middle of a process of securing nominations on part of the member countries: Macedonia, Albania, and Greece.”

They also informed that the Sector for managing waters has initiated an extraordinary meeting of national experts from the Drim group, in order to discuss the situation and to exchange information and opinions about ways for urgent solving of the current situation with the decrease of the water levels in Prespa Lake.”

The MEPP announced that next week, it will be organizing a thematic coordination meeting on a national level with representatives of the science council for the implementation of the plan for managing the drainage basin of the Prespa lake, the municipality of Resen, regional civic organizations and all concerned sides in the plan’s implementation, in order to talk about the possibilities of implementing the measures from the plan.