Vice-President of SDSM Radmila Shekerinska today in Brussels met with representatives of its sister party in the European Parliament (EP), the group of social-democrats and their coordinator for Foreign Affairs Richard Howitt.

European Socialists today held a “crisis meeting” on the case “Puch” in the presence of Shekerinska.

– It’s hard to have confidence in that the case is carried out unbiased when the announcement came from the Prime Minister, not the judicial authorities, which could prejudice the outcome of the investigation before it is completed. I received explanations from Mrs. Shekerinska suggesting that the mention of a foreign government was only an attempt to protect domestic “whisperers” and that the documents show serious crime of members of the government. We shouldn’t speculate on the matter, but my group expressed deep concern that attempts to stop reporting on the case can be interpreted as an attempt for a cover-up. The best outcome would be to publish all documents as soon as possible – Howitt, who is also a former rapporteur for Macedonia in the EP, said after the meeting.

Howitt also criticized the proceedings against Zaev.

– The use of the phrase “coup” and the fact that the opposition leader faces a possible prison sentence of four years further injures the already poor image of the country – feels former rapporteur for Macedonia.