Even the floods are divided: For some chaos, for others a Potemkin village


Seven days have passed since the floods hit Skopje, and the Macedonian media have reported the catastrophic floods very differently, especially on how the government is handling the tragedy. While some criticize and say the situation is catastrophic, and organizing aid is very, there have also been reports of food theft and that only those with party connections receive aid. Others report that people are working day and night and that the situation is under control, that there is no disease and that there are many medical teams on the ground.

While some of the media report statements from citizens full of anger and rage, most of the media reports are dominated with citizens smiling, showing gratitude and tears of joy.

The media who are critical of everything to do with the floods:

The seventh day after the devastating flood: How is this possible?
Fights among the workers who are clearing up the flooded houses
Until recently Stajkovci was sinking in mud, and now it’s a waste ground (Gallery)
After the floods: Government continues to play Russian roulette with nature
Humanitarian Misery: Aid distributed along party lines, no coordination in the field!

Other media groups report:

“Working day and night”- In Creshevo there is electricity and water, teams assessing the damage are in the field
The people of Radovis are helping Stajkovci
Alfa at the ARM headquarters – Mass action helping those most affected
Progress in cleaning up the devastation in Skopje
Citizens will immediately receive lost documents!

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