The German airline, Eurowings, a part of the Lufthansa group, will restore the air link between Pristina and Belgrade. In Berlin today, an agreement was signed to to operate direct flights between Serbia and Kosovo’s capitals. On part of Serbia, it was signed by the Ministry of Economy while the Civil Aviation Authority of Kosovo has signed the agreement.

Positive reactions about the future air line arrive both from Belgrade and Prishtina. Kosovo President Hashim Thaci described the development as important. “This is an important step for the movement of citizens & normalization process,” Thaci said on Twitter. The Serbian Minister of Transport Zoran Mihajlovic stressed that the government had been working on establishing administrative and technical conditions for an air link between Belgrade and Prishtina.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg greeted the agreement as “an important step, which will make the circulation of people and goods easier and faster within the Western Balkans region. The Commander of our KFOR mission retains the authority in the airspace over Kosovo, according to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244″

The initiative for establishing an air link between Prishtina and Belgrade arrives in a situation when both capitols are linked by a bus. The railway lines between Prishtina and Belgrade have been cut and not functioning since 1999.