The inauguration of the Berlaymont Building, headquarters of the European Commission .

The European Commission (EC) adopted the mini report about Macedonia and Albania that confirms Macedonia’s confirmation for starting the accession negotiations with the EU. The Commission stresses that Macedonia has strengthened its efforts and has delivered tangible and sustainable results from key areas identified in the Council of EU’s conclusions dated from June 2018. The EC greeted the passing of the Law on Public Prosecution.

The goal of the Law, among other things, is to secure a sustainable solution for SPO’s cases and to determine responsibility for the crime acts that have come out of the illegal wiretapping” informs EC’s mini report.

The National Coordinator for Integration For EU Integration, Bojan Marichik, stressed that the mini report is yet another confirmation about our dedication towards the reforms that are relevant for the country.

-What follows are the Council of the European Union and the European Council which have to take into account this Report and the methodology used when it was adopted and to start the accession negotiations with Macedonia. We have every right to expect that the strategic mistake that was done in October 2019 to be corrected and the Republic of North Macedonia to start the accession negotiations with the EU – said Marichik.

The Deputy Prime Minister of European Affairs, Bujar Osmani said the report clearly confirms the country’s reformatory determination and stressed that all preconditions from the 26th of March were met in order for the decision for starting the accession negotiations with the EU to be adopted.

The Ministry of Justice issued a press release that the European Commission has given a positive mark about the reforms in the judiciary.

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration announced that in its latest report about Macedonia, the European Commission has stressed the positive step forward in the reforms in the public administration.