The European Commission (EC) welcomes the action taken by the Macedonian government to resolve the 25-year name dispute with Greece, and now expects “concrete results” on this issue, said an unnamed EC official for “EurActiv”, an independent pan-European network who specialize in media and focus on EU policies.

According to the EC representative, maintaining good neighborly relations, including a negotiated and mutually acceptable solution to the name issue, under the auspices of the UN, remains essential.

“In this regard, we welcome the steps taken by the government to engage in discussions with their counterparts in Greece to strengthen good neighbourly relations and we hope this will translate into further concrete results,” the spokesperson added.

The “EurActiv” analysis points to “the optimism that governs left-wing governments in Skopje and Athens to resolve the issue that is an obstacle to Macedonia’s entry into the European Union and NATO.”