Foreign ministers completed the discussion on Macedonia, on which it was told that the European Union will continue to monitor the situation, and support for the efforts of the three MEPs facilitating the process was expressed.

They agreed that political solution to the crisis is necessary, confirmed sources present at the meeting for META.

Macedonia was not formally put on the agenda and there will be no formal conclusions on this topic.

Earlier, during the day, Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that the EU should take its share of responsibility for the situation in which Macedonia is currently in, alluding to the lack of progress towards the EU due to the Greek blockade.

Before the meeting, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajchak told reporters that it is time the European Union to intervene in the Macedonian crisis.

– The European Union should be visible and show leadership – he said to a question if he was concerned about the situation in the country.

He added that Macedonia should not be left alone in this situation.

Turning to the European perspective for Macedonia, Lajchak said the country has not achieved progress on the road towards the EU for a long time.

– This time I’m not sure that the recommendation for negotiations with the EU could be repeated – he said.

Today, before the meeting, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz sent a similar message.

– Recent developments in Macedonia will have an impact on Macedonia’s EU integration process – he said at an event organized by “Friends of Serbia” in Brussels.