The European Union is expecting from the president of the state, Gjorge Ivanov, “to perform an urgent and open consultation” with the country’s political parties and “quickly to determine a leader for forming a government” said at a press-conference the spokesperson of the European Commission, Maja Kocijančič.

Kocijančič’s statement comes after the expiration of the deadline of 20 days, during which the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski and DUI, didn’t succeed to form a new government coalition.

“We call on all political actors in the country including the President, to act in a calm and constructive manner with a complete responsibility for solving the current situation. The country has no time to lose and in this regard, we expect that the President, in line with the Constitution, to pursue urgent open consultations with the political forces in the country and swiftly task a leader with the formation of a government who will be able to find a common ground for forming a stable, solid and accountable coalition”, said Kocijančič.

The EU spokesperson once again stressed that the future government coalition should be as broad as possible and rally around strong reformists consensus and inter-ethnic cooperation.

“We expect from the future government and all political forces in the country to continue with the implementation of the Pržino  Agreement and with the implementation of the reformatory priorities because all of these are of vital importance for the country’s progress towards the European integrations. It is also something that all political parties have obliged to do and the same is expected of the citizens”, stressed Kocijančič.