North Macedonia did it’s homework and now it is the member countries’s turn, but i think that the starts will be moving and I hope we shall finally see a decision to start the accession negotiations, said the EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar in an interview for TV 24.

“Your country did what it was supposed to do as it implemented all reforms including the adoption of the Law on Public Prosecution, and now it’s the member countries’ turn to do their work. Everything is put on the table and they will have to discuss and make a decision. I withhold from too much optimism because on never knows if any issue on the side may disrupt the discussions. But at the moment I think the stars are aligning and we are hoping we shall finally see a positive result” said Žbogar.

According to him, all EU member countries are please of the negotiations methodology and because of that he doesn’t expect major problems around its adoption until the EU Summit on the 26th of March where there will be a discussion about the decision making for the start of Macedonia’s accession negotiations.

Žbogar considers the Law on Public Prosecution as good and it doesn’t cross the red lines. It was passed n accordance with the procedures. He thinks that the administration is ready to implement the necessary reforms during the negotiation process and that it needs motivation.

Regarding whether the decision for starting the negotiations will influence the elections, Žbogar said that even if no date is provided, someone will always say that it has influenced the elections and the results. According to him, it is important for the EU to make a decision not for the Macedonian government or some party, but for the country and the citizens that were patient so long.