European Parliament today for the ninth time requested by the Council of Europe without delay to set a date to start accession negotiations with Macedonia. Otherwise, as stated in the resolution, it undermines the credibility of the EU policy towards enlargement.

MEPs asked the representative of EU foreign policy Federica Mogerini to find a new initiative out of the impasse of the name issue and to mediate in the dialogue, which should put an end to the polarized political climate in the country. In the adopted document, MPs urge government and opposition in the country to join forces to accelerate the European agenda and to provide constructive political cooperation.

– With today’s vote, we give full support to the European perspective of Macedonia. It is time the Council of Europe to give green light to start accession negotiations and Macedonia and Greece to find a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue. A stable and prosperous Macedonia is in the interest of the neighbors and the whole of Europe – said rapporteur of the European Parliament Ivo Vajgl, who submitted the resolution.

European Parliament, except for Macedonia, today also adopted the assessment for the progress of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. It is stated in the resolutions that the Balkan countries still face the challenge with the rule of law, corruption, discrimination, the pace of implementing structural reforms and polarization of the political scene.