Under the motto “All Against the Mine of death”, the environmental initiative from Strumica “Healthy valley” that is fighting against the opening of the Ilovica mine, has announced a two-hour warning blockade of the traffic at the exit of Strumica towards Bulgaria, as well a the transit road in all directions, on the 10th of November, starting at 11.30 h,

The eco-activists have called upon the citizens to join them in order to protect themselves from the danger, and are demanding from the government to take away the concession of the Canadian company “Euromax Resources” to start a mine for copper and gold, that will be located near the villages of Shtuka and Ilovica, as well as to vote for the changes in the Law for metallic and mineral raw elements at the Parliament.

The blockade announcement came after the deadline that expired on the 16th of October that Healthy Valley gave to the government i.e. to find a solution until then for the Ilovica mine, as the government and the Parliament have done nothing about their request. The concessioner “Euromax resources” claim that “Happy Valley” has been acting illegally for two years, and that it lies and manipulates the general public about the mine’s alleged harmlessness which, according to the ecologists from Strumica presents a good basis for canceling the concession. of the