The previous night, at 00.45 h, a member of SEC reported to the police in Bitola, an attempted blackmail.
As the Ministry of Internal Affair has announced, yesterday at 16.33h, the member of the Commission while traveling with two other people to Bitola in order to survey the printing of the election material, received a phone call on his official mobile phone. The person who phoned him and introduced to him as an employee of a daily newspaper and asked him why has he rejected the offer for printing the candidate lists for MPs at the newspaper.

“The person who reported the attempt replied that he had a better offer by another daily newspaper. During the conversation, the person noticed that the conversation was happening over an interphone, when another person who introduced himself as the newspaper’s editor in chief, joined the conversation. He told the SEC’s member that he shouldn’t have been against the publishing of the candidate lists and he made a threat to compromise the member by publishing lies in the newspaper unless the lists are published in their newspaper. The person also spoke obscenities and insults and stressed out if 20.000 euros are returned to him, the SEC’s representative will be sued,” as was stated in MIA’s announcement.

The police has taken steps to clear out the case.