ELEM: The consumption of electricity has increased 30% compared to the previous 5 years


Because of the extremely low temperatures, an increase of 30% in consumption of electricity compared to the same period for the last 5 years was noticed, announced the AD ELEM’s press release.

-All of ELEM’s available capacities for production of electricity are working full time. Part of the necessary quantities are secured from the free market in accordance with the current regulations and procedures adopted by the Regulatory commission for energetics – announced the company.
They also stated that in addition for the demands during certain periods of the day with greatest consumptions, yesterday they have purchased 3.600 megawatts of electrical energy through licensed companies for trading with electric energy.

-The acquisition was done by AD ELEM for a price of 101, 43 euros or a megawatt and is cheaper compared to the energy that was sold on the markets in the region. The time conditions that the countries in the Southeastern and Central Europe are under, directly influence the price of this product. During the previous day, on the market in Hungary a megawatt electric energy during periods o increased consumption was sold for 126, 3 euros, in Bulgaria it was sold or 123 euros and in Serbia during the same period it was offered for a price of 140, 3 euros – said ELEM.

Representatives from the company have stressed that the acquisition of electric energy during this period will not influence the price of electricity for households and small enterprises.

It is expected that the thermo power station “Bitola 3” to start working in the next 72 hours.

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