Electoral List inaccessible due to a security problem on the SEC website


For a week now, people have been unable to check their own data on the official website of the SEC. The website’s option whereby citizens can check their personal data, including which Polling Station to vote at, is not available online, after clicking for the option to check the Voters’ List, the page redirects the user to the official website of the SEC. Subhi Jakupi, a member of the SEC and the DUI party, said a week ago there was a problem with the protection of the Checking of Voters Lists option, adding, that the List also appeared on another site that is outside their jurisdiction.

The Voters Lists is currently offline due to a security problem with the Voters Lists appearing on another website. The IT Sectoin is currently developing new ways that citizens can access and check their personal data. Once completed, the new methodology, as well the previous method will be placed on the SEC’s official website, allowing citizens to check on which Polling Station to vote at”, said Jakupi.

Jakupi also says that with the new method, apart from checking you own, one could check where someone else is meant to vote, as long as you enter the correct data, a name and surname.

Mr Jakupi reiterated that both methods will soon be available for use on the SEC’s official website.

Last week information came to light from a computer engineer Kalina Zografska, who used her own blog to argue that the Electoral Roll was open to the threat of a 100% takeover, with the personal data of all citizens at risk.

“ID numbers, names and more specific locating of addresses are available via little effort playing with code and data. This leaves the way open for someone to enter numbers at random, get lucky by hitting someone’s ID number, allowing them to access to information on addresses, businesses, target age groups, get information of citizens residences, of all their potential customers, parties, and business lobby groups getting copies of the voters’ list, and this way they can and target voters and communicate with voters”, said Kalina on her blog.


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