During today’s snap parliamentary elections in North Macedonia, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has registered several voting irregularities and offenses throughout the country. The police have registered voters taking photographs of the ballots at polling stations No. 0537 in Debar, 0755 in the village of Osoj, municipality of Kichevo, and 2909 in Skopje. These people will be fined accordingly, informed MOI.

There was a disturbance of public order in Prilep in the yard of the elementary school “Kire Gavriloski”, when Dz.P. physically attacked G.D., both from Prilep. The police intervened and found a hand gun on Dz.P.. The police are investigating this case.

Around 13:15h, at the polling station No. 2695 located in the elementary school “Gjorgjija Pulevski” in Skopje, the president of the election board called the police after a person has entered the polling station carrying a face mask with political party symbols and didn’t want to change it. When the police arrived, the voter immediately changed her face mask and was allowed to vote. The police determined this person’s identity as E.T. (age 37) from Skopje.

Then, the woman began to shout at the policemen and was given an order to stop and to exit the school’s premises in order to not disrupt the public order during the voting process. The person disobeyed and continued to disrupt the public peace and was arrested.

North Macedonia is organizing snap parliamentary elections today. The polling stations opened at 7:00 hours and will close at 21:00 hours. The time for casting the ballots has been prolonged for two hours due to the safety measures against the coronavirus, and the voters have to wear protective masks and keep distance between each other.