In a short time former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the Government withdrew a few moves that were unthinkable a year ago. In recent months he has made more concessions than he did in nine years while in government, and has begun to withdraw some already announced decisions because of reactions from citizens.
Gruevski recently uttered the words that until then, no one heard from him: “We have been thinking and have decided on Monday to stop this process”“as so many people reacted, we need to respect that.”

  • The public address on January 14 he announced his “conditional” resignation with the wording “resignation from the function as President of the Government will be activated 100 days before the election.” Gruevski gave in to public pressure to resign exactly 100 days before the scheduled election.
  • Once it became public knowledge that the Government had decided to procure furniture in the style from the period of Louis XV, he quickly cancelled the plan after sharp criticism.
  • In just ten days, after reactions against the decision to sell the Officer’s Home in Bitola, the Government or Gruevski, changed his mind and revoked that plan as well.
  • The Ministry of Finances cancelled the auction on its treasury bills, where they were meant to ask for 813 000 euros from domestic lenders.
  • At the school “Koco Racin” in Veles this week the teacher’s council called for an emergency meeting where they unanimously overturned the decision to punish high school student Ilina Dimovska for her ‘inappropriate behaviour’.
  • Driving schools which had blocked the street outside the Government in protest for a whole month came to an end. At a meeting with representatives of the Government, they were told that the Ministry of Interior had already submitted a proposal to delay the measure.