Early parliamentary elections have been twice postponed so far, and now they have been scheduled for December 11.

This was agreed two days ago by the leaders of the political parties, signatories to the Pržino Agreement after elections were postponed on April 24 and June 5.

If the political parties do not change their minds and again decide to postpone the elections, here are the deadlines and terms of the Electoral Code which should be respected by the institutions.

September 2 (Today) – New ministers and deputy ministers from the SDSM to be officially selected as members of the government

October 12 – Parliament should dissolve and elections announced

October 17 – Broadcasters, print media, and electronic media (internet portals) shall determine price lists for paid political advertising to those participating in the electoral process

October 27 – The SEC must publish the electoral roll for public review. The public review will last for 20 days, until November 16

November 11 – The SEC must publish the descriptions of the electoral districts

November 18 – The SEC must publish the lists of candidates for MPs in daily newspapers

November 21 – Election campaign officially begins

November 22 – The SEC will submit the electoral roll to the political parties, and within five days, until November 27, they will have to submit a request for entering, adding or deleting data

November 26 – The SEC will sign off on the electoral roll

December 8 – The State Election Commission will submit electoral material to the Municipal Election Commission

December 10 – Election campaign ends and the waiting period begins

December 11 – Early Parliamentary Elections